Good Neighbors : The Democracy of Everyday Life

Rosenblum creates a compelling narrative during her latest title, Good Neighbors : The Democracy of Everyday Life.The importance of those individuals that live near us has been decreased in importance over the course of the last thirty years. There have been a number of titles that have dealt with the ramifications that this lack of community has had (most prominently, Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone), but this Rosenblum text showcases the importance of polarizing events like Hurricane Katrina. The specific actions that are taken by a neighborhood are likely to change depending on the stakeholders holding power in the area and the populations that are most impacted by these situations. This means that things can become very dire (as was the case in the days immediately following 9/11 or Pearl Harbor), or they could lead towards greater harmony among individuals (natural disasters including the Deepwater Oil Spill). Continue reading “Good Neighbors : The Democracy of Everyday Life”