Overlord Gruff Interview

We’re sitting down with California’s Overlord Gruff. Let’s get right to it – What’s your story? How were you raised, what achievements have you had in your life?Well, first off let me say thank you for giving me this opportunity. I was raised in a militaristic fashion. My parents always had me involved in some sort of combat training.  I didn’t allow myself to play team sports like football or basketball.  When you lose in a 1 on 1 match, you cant blame your team mates, only yourself.  I also had gone to church enough to know that this atlas had some intelligent grand design behind it.  I learned at an early age that knowledge of oneself is pinnacle to your success.  I joined the military at the age of 17.  I did 11 years total.  Since my parents were very “aware”, I didn’t get to have a lot of fun, so when I joined the service I was a loose cannon.  We would get drunk, fight and destroy shit everyday! That’s when my love for the art of Hip-hop began to manifest itself into my life.  Other service members and I would battle rap to past the time and BS of military politics.  I did this for years! So it was only a matter of time till I got good at it well enough to financially provide for myself. I also did the whole Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom) while I was in.  When I came home, I went right back to what I was doing before I left.  Hood-hangin’ on the south side of Pomona California! Since then, I graduated from Mediatech Institute in Oceanside California while receiving numerous AVID ProTools certifications, and even being awarded the coveted Salutatorian Award, while being indoctrinated into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society for academic excellence amongst my peers. I am also the CEO and Founder of Guano Records, an Oceanside-based record label that caters to many different genres of music. My Vice President, Jorge Ibarra, along with myself also started our own Publishing Company by the name of Luxor Media Group.  I could go all day about our success, but we’ll let the fans decide.” Continue reading “Overlord Gruff Interview”