Palehound “If You Met Her”

Palehound’s If You Met Her is a powerful piece of alt rock that builds off the framework of bands like Rilo Kiley and The Breeders. Emotive vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a chunky drum sound make If You Met Her into a tremendously hooky sound. Lyric repetition ensures that the song’s melody will be tattooed deeply into the minds and hearts of listeners. Palehound’s guitar work s top-notch with swirling eddies and sizzling licks that add further complexity to an already heady cut. The breakdown at the three-minute mark provides a second to breathe before Palehound amps back up for a final minute of contemplation.

Palehound “If You Met Her” / 2017 Polyvinyl Records /

Owen “Settled Down”

Owen’s “Settled Down” showcases a band that has built a distinct sound over the years. The single is emotionally intense with a layered approach. The  fuzz of the guitars, complex drum lines, and passionate vocals make for a track that stands up to repeat play. The ability of Owen to go forth and change the tempo of Settled Down is impressive; the rising action that the band places here is delectable. The different dynamics (vocals/guitars, drums/guitars) make for a mature and well-thought-out single that resounds much longer than its three-minute run time would indicate; give “Settled Down” a spin.