Toaster Pastry (21st Amendment)

Toaster Pastry marks the previous life of 21st Amendment’s facilities; this effort is described by San Leandro’s 21st Amendment as an “India style red ale”. The beer’s name is a bit of a misnomer, but what ultimately results from Toaster Pastry is an eminently drinkable beer that takes the best points of the IPA and red styles and melds them together seamlessly. There is a good malt presence that imbues the effort with a solid amount of grain and bready flavor, while the hops utilized create a citrus and fruit-forward aspect that hides the considerable IBU (74) of Toaster Pastry. Hints of sweet and crisp keep individuals involved with the beer, while the brewery’s 19.2 ounce cans give imbibers considerably more than a pint. Toaster Pastry has a considerable backbone, making sure the delicate balance that is created between sweet/bitter and malt/hop is maintained from the initial opening of the can until the final sip is drank. Continue reading “Toaster Pastry (21st Amendment)”