Port O’ Call (Uinta Brewing Company)

Port O’ Call is a belgian-style dark ale from Utah’s Uinta Brewing, giving imbibers a very deep set flavors. The beer pours with a dark coloration and a fair amount of off-white head. The large bottle size (750 mL) provides one with the opportunity to experience the shifting set of tastes that are experienced in a bottle of Port O’ Call. This means that note of banana,clove, sugar, and malt are presented alongside cognac and a more toasty flavor profile. A good hint of prunes and spices are ferried by the lighter mouth feel of this effort. Port O' Call (Uinta Brewing)Where many of the barrel-aged versions of beers feel like a Frankenstein’s Monster, fusing together the barrel flavor with the original twists and turns of the beer. What Uinta does here is successfully blend the tastes together, making for a cohesive set of flavors that feel seamless.  Continue reading “Port O’ Call (Uinta Brewing Company)”