PRONG – X – No Absolutes

This is a solid release from Prong – the opening track “Ultimate Authority” gets things going with that raw crunching guitar sound that we metalheads love and gets your head banging from the start. Every song on here will have your head nodding at some point. There is a change of musical pace from their traditional sound with “Do Nothing”, sort of ballad like, but does pick up as it goes along.X - No Absolutes “In Spite Of Hindrances” brings more of a thrash sound while “Worth Pursuing” and “Soul Sickness“ remind me of the Prong sound from years back. My favorite song on X – No Absolutes was “Belief System” with its heavy beat and positive lyrical message in an aggressive Hatebreed sort of way, yet still sounding like Prong. Continue reading “PRONG – X – No Absolutes”