Sasha Leonov Talks Shop


A number of the musicians we review on NeuFutur have worked in factories, fast food, or any one of a multitude of fairly banal occupations. Can you go into detail about what occupations you held before your music career began?


I’ve held several different jobs before things started to happen for me on the music side of things. My first job was in a pizza place, making the dough and answering phones. Funny story: I used to pretend to take a phone call order with about 15 minutes left of my shift. Upon “taking” the call,  I would put in an order for the kind of pizza I wanted to eat. Upon closing up, because I knew nobody would show up for that pizza, I took it and that became my dinner. I’ve also worked at a job mowing grass with big, rough bikers in the summer heat, have been a tennis coach, a retail salesman and a teacher. Continue reading “Sasha Leonov Talks Shop”

Sasha Leonov Skies Change CD Review

Sasha Leonov released Skies Change in 2013, and this release is absolutely essential to understand the twists and turns that he has had in the years since. The album begins with Believe Once More, a touching and softly-played track that showcases a cool, calm, and collected Leonov. Hints of Dave Matthews can be discerned here, as there is a unity of instrumental and vocal sides that opens up into something wholly engrossing. Meet Me in the Early Morning starts with little more than a piano, the intricate arrangements calling attention to the composition. A complex set of arrangement does more to create a narrative for listeners to eagerly devour than many artists could hope to do with a lyric/instrumental dynamic. Continue reading “Sasha Leonov Skies Change CD Review”

Sasha Leonov Feature

Sydney, Australia’s own Sasha Leonov has crafted a unique style of music that has been continually evolved since the 2009 release of his first album Accolades For Days of Sunshine. Moving from piano compositions to a fully-fleshed out set of music and lyrics with 2012’s Remnants of Tomorrow, Leonov was able to expand his repertoire with 2013 Skies Change. “Believe Once More” is a tender composition with a deliberate percussion and soft accompaniment. Leonov is able to establish a narrative that is further through the instrumental and vocal sides of his music. Continue reading “Sasha Leonov Feature”