Satellite Gods – Marker 7-58

On Falling To Earth, the initial track off of Satellite Gods’ new album Marker 7-58, the band is able to craft a hooky sort of alternative rock that elicits comparisons to performers including Fuel, New Radicals and Harvey Danger. Brendan’s lead vocals shine during Saturday Night in Riga, a track that has Satellite Gods shift their style for a richer, emotive, story-driven sound; bits of Dave Matthews and Billy Joel can be discerned here. 1 Through 8 is one of our favorite tracks on Marker 7-58; Satellite Gods are able to make an easy-going rock track that refreshes the sound of Tom Petty and Dire Straits. The dynamic between the vocals and the guitar/drums here makes for a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after the effort (and the single) stops playing. The sizzling guitar line that hits fans’ ears at the 3:15 mark is a sight to behold, giving the final minute of 1 Through 8 a considerable momentum boost. Continue reading “Satellite Gods – Marker 7-58”