Smirnoff Sours Green Apple Vodka

Smirnoff Sours Green Apple Vodka is the latest product line extension that is promoted by Smirnoff. The green apple flavor is what we received for review and it provides individuals with a bold new path for vodka. This means that the overall flavor profile is very accurate and close to what green apple would taste like without having any of the funky off putting taste that other green apple candy and similar products would have. The Smirnoff Sours Green Apple Vodka as the perfect blend of sweet and tart making it a perfect shooting or sipping vodka. The presence of the sour apple flavor is a deft blend of tart and sour, creating an exhilarating rush that will keep spirits high and imbibers warm through the cold nights of winter. Continue reading “Smirnoff Sours Green Apple Vodka”