Smooth Sail Summer Ale (Heavy Seas)

Smooth Sail is an eminently drinkable effort that makes the lawnmower beer format into something that can have a wide array of flavors, refreshing as well as impressing with each subsequent beer. The initial nose of Smooth Sail hides many of the twists and turns that will follow, requiring one to take an exploratory quaff for an introduction. This first sip yields wheat and citrus flavors along with just enough hop zing to keep things crisp and replenished. As Smooth Sail approaches room temperature, a sweeter set of tastes become prevalent. The wheat and grain tasted in the initial sips is given a new lease on life with this shake-up in the overall profile of the ale. I feel that the inclusion of both orange and lemon into this beer is able to provided much-needed depth to a beer style that is fairly straight-forward. Continue reading “Smooth Sail Summer Ale (Heavy Seas)”