Biére de Garde (Aspen / Casey)

Aspen Brewing (Aspen, CO) and Casey Brewing and Blending ( Glenwood Springs, CO) have collaborated on an extremely-limited Biére de Garde. This effort pours with a hazy brownish color and a small amount of head that lays upon the top of the beer. The Biére de Garde’s nose is fairly funky, with prune and citrus elements present. On the initial sip, imbibers will experience vanilla, brown sugar, and fruity elements that are paired with biscuit malt tastes. The beer possesses just a hint of alcohol burn at the conclusion of each pull. Subsequent drinks will uncover sour, earth, wheat, orange and raisin flavors. Oak peeks through at points, creating something that is incredibly deep while providing a confident tone. Continue reading “Biére de Garde (Aspen / Casey)”