Sticke Alt (Summit Unchained: #20)

The Summit Unchained series continually goes and has interesting interpretations of various beer styles. The series attempts to resurrect some styles that are not as common today, and the 20th effort in the Unchained series, their Sticke Alt, looks to reinvigorate the altbier style (to say nothing about a more esoteric style, the eponymous Sticke Alt, which beefs up the malt and intensity of the parent approach). Summit’s Sticke Alt pours with a dark-brown to reddish color, with a fair amount of offwhite head that is fairly persistent. The initial flavors that can be discerned during Summit’s latest are pretty deep, tying together bits of caramel, dark chocolate, and toffee into a grain-heavy brew. Continue reading “Sticke Alt (Summit Unchained: #20)”