Striving Artists Theatre Company

Over the course of the last decade, the Striving Artists company has carved out a name for themselves. Coming into creation in 2006, Striving Artists held a number of holiday shows before deciding to place their performances onto a home audio format. This led to the creation of the Christmas with the SAC Pack album in 2012 and Spare Ornaments in 2013. 2017 brought the release of the Jesus Christ Superstar performance. On this record, Striving Artists imbue the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice rock opera with their own unique qualities. In fact, I feel that on tracks like the initial Overture, John Nineteen Forty-One and Gethsemane are stronger than early cast recordings. The group places their own spin on plays as well; in performing selections from a tetrad of Shakespeare plays, they create a high-energy hodgepodge of each work’s seminal elements. Continue reading “Striving Artists Theatre Company”

Striving Artists | Jesus Christ Superstar

In March of 2017, Massachusetts-based Striving Artists released their own take on the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Beginning with an immediate jolt, the Overture will have listeners eagerly sitting at the edges of their seats. The guitar work and brooding drum work creates a haunting tone that gradually opens up into the frenetic, high-energy sound that will permeate the rest of the recordings. Continue reading “Striving Artists | Jesus Christ Superstar”