Superfix Feature

Superfix is a Los Angeles-centered band that features Kalen Chase (formerly of Korn) that is poised to take the hard rock genre by storm. The Lion’s Share has sharp guitar work, emotive vocals, and a drum line that is authoritative and ground-shaking. There are hints of A Perfect Circle, Deftones, and Incubus here even as the guitars continually set the act in bold new directions. Eli Rubin put this line up together of specially, handpicked, talented musicians that tougher have a magical chemistry that delivers the goods. “It took a while….but I think we have constructed a solid team of unbelievable talent. Working with Kalen is the greatest….he is by far the most talented and creative vocalist I have ever had the pleasure of working with……his vocals really give me something to wrap melodies around; in a way, I am his accompanying back up vocalist….but using my guitar as a voice”, says Eli Rubin (lead guitarist of Superfix).


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