The Animation Association Across The Sea CD Review

Do You Remember This Melody? is a track that is richly emotive, creating something that is fulfilling with little more than guitars and vocals. The progression of the track will keep listeners on the edges of their seats, while having a decidedly pop sound that is infused into the track. Cinder In The Dark is much more tortured and intense; there are hints of Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, and Nirvana that are all interspersed into this cut. The depth of this track means that fans will have to spin the composition a number of times before hearing the entirety of what Kevin has placed into the composition. Across The Sea builds off of the work of Conor Oberst (Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and Lifted eras) while allowing Hunt the opportunity to showcase his unique take on music. Continue reading “The Animation Association Across The Sea CD Review”