Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718

The Tilted Kilt was kind enough to invite us in their Canton, Ohio establishment last week. While there, we experienced a number of their plates. We began the meal with a scotch egg; this appetizer was perfectly service but could stand to include a bit more in the way of sausage. 12557787_10153974328289673_1555158248_o The Perfect Patron Marguerita was built off of Patrón Silver Tequila base and completed through the inclusion of Monin Agave Nectar & freshly squeezed lime juice. For those that are bigger fans of beer, the selection of the Tilted Kilt is considerably larger than one’s local watering hole – micro and macro brewed efforts rub shoulders with foreign imports, to given individuals the widest possible swath of options. . The Canton location offered two distinct offerings by Akron’s own Thirsty Dog Brewing. Continue reading “Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718”