Oktoberfest Bavarian Style Lager (Upland; Bloomington, IN)

Upland’s (Bloomington, Indiana) Oktoberfest offering pours with a light orange coloration and a small amount of offwhite head. The good amount of malt present in Upland’s take on the typical Oktoberfest offering is matched perfectly with a decent alcohol bite. A small amount of hops are included in the overall flavor profile to stave off the sweetness present in the marzen style. The crispness of this beer is unheard of when one picks up an Oktoberfest beer, but I feel as if more breweries should be taking this tack. One’s palette is refreshed after they take a sip of Upland’s latest, and it is this new take on the beer that allows an imbiber the opportunity to experience some of the softer and harder to find elements. Continue reading “Oktoberfest Bavarian Style Lager (Upland; Bloomington, IN)”