Vie Vaporizer

It’s been a while since we have had the chance to take a good, look analysis of a vaporizer. We sat down and gave the new Vie Vaporizer a spin and are pleased to report that it blends together a good amount of functions with a small price tag. The product has a real-time monitor that is set up to properly modify the temperature in the chamber, making sure that vapor – not smoke – is the only thing that one will receive when they take a drag from the device. There is nothing in the way of popcorn flavors that will occur when one uses the Vie, no matter how dry or damp the stuff that one puts in the product may ultimately be. There is a strong battery in the Vie, as well; we were able to go through a number of sessions before we had to place it back on the hook for a few hours.  Continue reading “Vie Vaporizer”