Vlesg Solid State Hi Fi CD Review

Vlesg’s Solid State Hi Fi begins with Enigma, a track that links together organic and electronic elements into a track that touches upon a wide variety of composers and genres. This means that there are hints of trip-hop, ethereal, and world music genres. The track is linked delicately to the classical music tradition, a move that ensures that the widest possible swath of listeners will find something that they can appreciate from this introductory track. Syncmatic contains the same strong strings as Enigma and allows Vlesg to take the track into a much more dark techno / industrial / EDM feeling that feels just as much at home in the eighties, nineties, or later decades – there are simply enough twists and turns presented in this compositions to have listeners on the edges of their seats. Continue reading “Vlesg Solid State Hi Fi CD Review”