Winter Ale (Smuttynose)

Winter Ale, Smuttynose’s current seasonal, comes forth with a fulfilling and complete set of flavors. Pouring with a dark brown coloration and a small amount of off-white head, this Winter Ale has strong notes of malt, alcohol, and tart cherry. Based on an amber ale and bolstered with Trappist yeast, this beer is warming and possesses a wide array of different flavors. Winter AleWith hints of dark fruits, spices including cinnamon, cayenne, and nutmeg (albeit without any of these included), Smuttynose’s Winter Ale pairs nicely with roasts, beef, lamb, and salted snacks. Continue reading “Winter Ale (Smuttynose)”

Winter Ale (Blue Point Brewing Company)

Blue Point Brewing Company’s (Long Island, NY)’s Winter Ale pours with a dark, rich brown coloration and a small amount of tannish head that disappears quickly. The initial nose of this Winter Ale is sweet, heavy with dark fruits, and with just enough grain and malt to invite imbibers in. bluepoint winter aleThe first pull that one will take from the Winter Ale links together brown sugar and a bit of bitterness from the hops, married together by an astringent bite from the 7.7% ABV of the brew. Continue reading “Winter Ale (Blue Point Brewing Company)”

Winter Ale (Rivertown Brewing Company)

Winter Ale is a bold flavored beer that has hints of ginger, cinnamon, and various spice and dark fruit elements. The beer is able to hide the alcohol content (8.2% ABV) incredibly well, allowing imbibers to have a heady feeling while having their taste buds tantalized. The beer opens up nicely, with a little more malty of elements becoming commonplace as the sweeter and more sugary elements move to the periphery. Rivertown’s Winter Ale is able to have a warming feel to it that is perfect fOr these frigid winter nights, while straddling the line well between sweet and heavy. Each subsequent sip of this Winter Ale showcases a different set of flavors, hints, and notes – one quaff may make the ginger side of the beer present, while another may make sugar or malt elements available. Overall, this is an effort that we will continue to come back to, no matter what the weather may be outside – there are enough twists and turns here that individuals will be able to enjoy it no matter how often they have drained a bottle. Continue reading “Winter Ale (Rivertown Brewing Company)”