Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ‘78 (DVD)

Long before the band Foreigner became lazy, shorthand slang for bloated, stadium dinosaurs (often and likely unfairly lumped in alongside era peers like Journey, Styx and REO Speedwagon), they were an upcoming band of British and American rockers with a knack for writing catchy, timeless songs with wildly memorable guitar riffs. In 1978, just two years into their existence and still boasting their classic line up, they played a blistering set inside London’s Rainbow Theatre and the hour-plus long show is captured beautifully here on Live at the Rainbow ‘78.

Touring behind the songs off of their 1976 self-titled debut and the ’78 follow up Double Vision (easily two of their best three records), the Lou Graham-led band tear through a hits-laden set that included “Hot Blooded,” “Double Vision,” “Feels Like the First Time” and “Cold As Ice”. The band is tight and was taking nothing for granted at this point in their career, still working to earn the audience’s favor. There are marks here that reek of a late ‘70s rock show (a flute solo for one; smoke machines, band-led clap alongs), but there is no denying that this concert film captures a classic band at one of the peak performances of their career.    

Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ‘78/75 Mins./Eagle Vision/2019 / Facebook / Domain /

Sitting down with Kodi & Lozen (Monochrome: The Chromism)

Today, we’re visiting with Kodi and Lozen, the duo behind the upcoming film Monochrome: The Chromism. Below are their musings on their film and the filming process.

So, how did you two initially get together?

Lozen Answering:

A mutual friend introduced us. We first worked together on a gospel music video to help a local church. Continue reading “Sitting down with Kodi & Lozen (Monochrome: The Chromism)”

Heartworn Highways; Heartworn Highways Revisited (DVD)

Just a couple years past the 40th anniversary of the iconic documentary, Heartworn Highways, filmmaker Wayne Price sets out to recreate, at least in spirit, one of the best documents out there on the Outlaw Country music movement. Heartworn Highways Revisited, much like its predecessor, focuses on a handful of country musicians (or at least country-ish, with elements of folks and even rock) creating their own path, outside of the mainstream. There are fantastic interviews with folks like Robert Ellis, John McCauley, Shovels & Rope, Shelly Colvin and others, and even more performances. He also brings back Guy Clark, Steve Young and David Allan Coe, all subjects of the first Heartworn Highways documentary. Continue reading “Heartworn Highways; Heartworn Highways Revisited (DVD)”

Finding Joseph I (DVD)

Even among musicians, Paul H.R. Hudson is certainly interesting guy. As leader of the seminal D.C. punk band Bad Brains, his primitive vocal style has influenced hundreds and just as it seemed the band was finally taking off, he left the group. He flirted with religion and switched his focus to Reggae when the world was finally coming around to his take on hardcore. Continue reading “Finding Joseph I (DVD)”

War for the Planet of the Apes (Blu-Ray / DVD)

Amazing story telling is being able to take a movie where the lead character is almost entirely computer generated and make it a compelling drama. Continue reading “War for the Planet of the Apes (Blu-Ray / DVD)”

Sting: Live At The Olympia Paris (DVD)

Over the decades, Sting has evolved from being at the forefront of the punk/New Wave movement as front man for The Police, to being a go-to for adult contemporary radio programmers thanks to his mid-career slide to much softer fare. And yes, the jokes at his pretentiousness and self-indulgence are certainly easy to make, thanks in part to his fondness for the lute. All that aside, it’s hard to argue that Sting can’t still retire the badass rocker persona after watching Sting: Live At The Olympia Paris.

Filmed in 2007, the 20-plus song set finds an energized Sting going back to classics like “Synchronicity II,” “Message In A Bottle” and “Spirits In A Material World” and melding them with his early solo work, and some of his later material. You can see a steady evolution from Police-era “Every Breath You Take” to some of his first solo songs like “Englishman in New York” and even the more complicated and oft polarizing “Dessert Rose.” Continue reading “Sting: Live At The Olympia Paris (DVD)”

The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live

Eagle Rock and The Rolling Stones continue their incredible From The Vault series with this 2015 Hollywood, CA set devoted almost exclusively to the “Sticky Fingers” record. Continue reading “The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live”