Anarchism in America

Anarchism in America / 2006 MVD / 132 Minutes / / Reviewed 22 August 2006

I can understand if you are trying to fight an anarchist revolution against the Imperial dogs of the American government, but do you really need to fight an anarchist revolution against aesthetics? I mean, the opening menu screen for “Anarchism in America” is perhaps one of the ugliest things I’ve seen since 1996 Geocities sites (all of them). There are two videos on this DVD: “Anarchism in America” and “Free Voice of Labor – The Jewish Anarchists”. Continue reading “Anarchism in America”

Anathema – A Moment In Time

Anathema – A Moment In Time / 2006 MVD / 120 Minutes / / / Reviewed 15 August 2006

When I saw that a band called Anathema was doing a DVD, I was expecting hard and brutal things to be hitting me from all sides. The DVD “A Moment In Time” starts out with a classical orchestra that play in the band during “Shroud of False”. One can barely hear it, but the arrangements during “Shroud of False” are something that just feel based in black metal. Continue reading “Anathema – A Moment In Time”

Bernard Allison – Energized: Live In Europe

Bernard Allison – Energized: Live In Europe / 2006 MVD / 130 Minutes / / / Reviewed 19 April 2006

In much the same vein as Santana, the guitar work of Bernard Allison is distinct through all of the tracks on the disc. However, Allison distinguishes eirself from Santana at practically every other juncture. This is shown by a more seventies and funk sound to tracks like “Another Ride To The City”. The blues influence present during tracks like “It’s A Man Down There” brings listeners back from the current period all the way to the twenties and thirties. Continue reading “Bernard Allison – Energized: Live In Europe”

GG Allin and The Murder Junkies – Terror in America: Live 1993

GG Allin and The Murder Junkies – Terror in America: Live 1993 / 2006 MVD / / / Reviewed 09 March 2006

Three different sets await watchers of Terror In America; shows in New Jersey, Texas and Georgia all show the genius of Allin and the rest of the Terror Junkies. From the first track on the DVD (a version of “Bite It You Slut” in Jersey), the writhing, half-naked Allin is a sight to see. Aside from the sheer physical torture ey puts eirself through during each track on this DVD, another shocking thing is how good the sound and video hold up even considering that the footage is thirteen years old.

Each of the tracks is raw and rough rock and roll; Allin is the physical interpretation of this style, as by the ten minute mark the blood is already flowing down eir face. Add the diatribes made by Allin between songs and individuals have a more complete idea of who ey was and what ey stood for; there is nothing present on this disc that even vaguely resembles a whitewash by the producers to make Allin sound any better. “Expose Yourself To Kids” has a catchiness to it that is made all the more impressive when one can tie the lyrics of the song to the individual singing them, especially as ey is crawling around the stage. “Kill The Police” ends the first set on the disc, and the antics on stage seem to be a little sedate; there is some blood, some almost-nudity but nothing really as over the top as what individuals might expect. For the GG fan, the first set in New Jersey is the highlight as it is the first show after GG was released from jail; even more so, it seems to be much more professionally done the latter two sets.

The second set (in the 5th Street Warehouse) is much more visceral than the first set; during the chaos that is present in the end of this set, GG and a few other people throw in on a violent fight. For those individuals that have not seen GG outside of the concert venue, there are a few extra features on this disc. There is footage from the Don Fury Studio in New York City, in-stores, and even GG chilling at a pool. Really, the only thing that could hold individuals back from picking up this DVD would be the poor quality of the alter two sets. Those individuals are probably not the fans that GG would have liked to have; true GG fans will revel in the grainy, home-video footage that was shot at the show in the Somber Reptile in Atlanta. The concert footage present on “Terror In America” will give individuals one view about Allin, but the extra footage really shows another side to Allin that individuals might not be familiar with. At $20, the two hours of footage seems well worth it, especially considering the fact that most of the footage comes from a period right before GG’s death (the last bit of footage was done less than two months before ey would die of a heroin overdose).

Top Tracks: Kill The Police, Bite It You Slut

Rating: 7.1/10

James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions

James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions / 2006 Atlantic / 70 Minutes / / / Reviewed 17 August 2006

Everyone knows who James Blunt is. This is due to the fact that eir song “You’re Beautiful” has been used in a number of commercials and been shown countless time on VH1 and other stations of that ilk. There are a number of reasons why individuals should pick up this DVD if they are fans of Blunt. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that they pick up this DVD if they are not already a fan, but for those people that picked up eir latest album, there are a few things that can only be found here. Continue reading “James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions”

Alien Ant Farm – BUSted

Alien Ant Farm – BUSted / 2006 Geffen / / / Reviewed 15 August 2006

Okay. There are a lot of things that one can see on this DVD. Of course, there are the videos that Alien Ant Farm put out. I had no idea that the band had any other videos besides “Smooth Criminal” and “Movies”, but there were apparently about four other videos that were shown to places like Fuse and MTv. Besides that, the band has though it prudent to put an entire live show of theirs on the DVD. So, there are about 12 more songs to choose from, many of which do not have a corresponding music video. There are a few other things on this DVD as well. There is a blend of documentary and interview for their “Road To Wreckage”. The disc finishes off with video commentary and a few other versions of “Movies” and “These Days”. For someone that wants to get up to date with Alien Ant Farm before picking up “Up In The Attic”, this DVD serves fans perfectly. Of course, I know that I can’t be the only one who does not remember Alien Ant Farm all that well from their hits.

Of course, “Smooth Criminal” was large and “Movies” had a nice second-single bounce, but “These Days” only came back to me in any form after seeing the musical, which has AAF crashing the BET Awards. “Glow” is another track that finally comes back to me after I hear and watch the video for a little bit. The tracks were somewhat big on TRL and the like for a few weeks, but they rapidly dropped off the radar soon after they were released. I want to say that “Glow” had a second life (maybe even bigger) in an acoustic version; I hope that actually existed and was unable to be added instead of me just dreaming it up. I would like to see something more in third parties discussing what effect that Alien Ant Farm had on their careers, seeing someone from Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance saying that “hey, Alien Ant Farm made me get into a band”.

The band may just be too new for bands to be influenced by AAF to have any major success at this junction. Perhaps if this DVD is released onto HD-DVD in the next ten years, there will be bands knocking down Universal’s door to tell the fans of the band how “Movies” made them start a band. The band may not have had the most famous or long-lasting career with their previous two albums, but chances are good that they can get again back into the spotlight with “Up In The Attic”. Pick up both the CD and the DVD and see how the band has changed and updated their sound in the last few years since their last album was released to the masses. This is fun, even though most of the kids that are just getting into music will have little, if any idea who exactly Alien Ant Farm is or was.

Rating: 6.2/10

Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up!

Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up! / 2007 Image / 112 Minutes / /

Sammy Hagar has been rocking for well over thirty years. Along the way, ey has created a high-end line of Tequila and has fronted acts like Van Halen and Montrose. This is admittedly the downside of eir career, and it would not be surprising for Hagar to start removing eirself from the public eye. However, there are some things that would preclude eir going to the glue factory, especially after releasing eir latest DVD, “Livin’ It Up!”. This DVD covers Hagar and eir band during a stop on their 2006 tour, specifically at their St. Louis stop. Continue reading “Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up!”

V/A – Jazz Legends, Volume 14

V/A – Jazz Legends, Volume 14 / 2007 MVD / 54 Minutes /

One would think that by the time that MVD got to the 14th volume of “Jazz Legends”, that they would have to be scraping the barrel pretty hard. This time, there are performances by Les McCann, Stephane Grappelli, Ben Sidran, and Mike Mainieri. While I am not familiar with any of these artists, this is due to the fact that jazz is typically not my forte. However, regardless of the fact that I am not familiar w Continue reading “V/A – Jazz Legends, Volume 14”

Lzy – 1996-2006

Lzy – 1996-2006 / 2006 MVD / 120 Min / / /

Where most of the DVDs released by Metal Mind and MVD have been foreign acts that played in Poland, Lzy is a Polish band. As one can guess, Lzy is a rock band, and this DVD captures a number of live performances over the course of their career. It seems like the vast majority of footage that is on this DVD comes from the post-2002 period, where there are only two tracks from before that period. This makes sense, as the band probably did not start their rise up the charts until a few years after they first started out. Continue reading “Lzy – 1996-2006”

Scott Cossu Trio – Islands

Scott Cossu Trio – Islands / 2007 MVD / 60 Minutes / /

Scott Cossu has been around in the jazz scene for longer than I have been on this earth. Ey started in 1981, I entered this world in 1983. That’s pretty impressive; this footage is as well. It is impressive not only for the cuts that are present, but rather because it is so sharp and well-recorded. Even now it is hard to get good footage, and Cossu was able to get it all the way back in 1986. This DVD does not have much on it besides the concert, only presenting interested viewers with a biography and a discography of Cossu. Regardless, this footage is a gem and worth the price itself. Continue reading “Scott Cossu Trio – Islands”