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It really is a bit of cinematic skill to make a tragedy such as the Altamont Free Concert (1969) funny, but that is precisely what happens with Altamont Now. Throughout the film’s runtime, a story is filled in that is while humorous, also points a sharp dirk at the throat of any overly preachy or otherwise heavy type of historical concert film. Altamont Now features the trials and tribulations of former rocker Richard Havoc (Daniel Louis Rivas, Never Been Kissed). A performer that has completely given up on whatever ey loved, Havoc has holed eirself in the dry California wastelands.

In order to attempt to change the system that once spurned eir, Havoc has taken to the television waves and makes waves with eir own political talk show. Enter in Mark Clark (Raphael Nash Thompson, Soul Food), an intrepid journalist that looks to do a feature piece on Havoc. Instead of seeing this article as an opportunity to foster goodwill for eir television show, Havoc and eir followers (Teddy Eck of Delirious and Frankie Shaw of Blue Mountain State) take Mark hostage and look to further their message.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will gradually gain the status of cult film as the years go on. However, there are good cult films (Shock Treatment) and horrible ones (The Groove Tube). Which one will Altamont Now ultimately be? I feel that, while the performances that are turned in are more than solid, that the film itself steps its game up even further. With a knackfor linking story, drama, and humor, I see Altamont Now as a low-rent Dewey Cox Story. It will be a title that I’ll pass around to my circle of friends that can appreciate the time period and this sort of hero.

Rating: 8.0/10

Altamont Now (DVD) / 2010 Factory 25 / 80 Minutes /

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