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Ray Tarantino is an exciting musician that we stumbled upon a few weeks back. He has just released a new self-titled album. This 2012 release covers a wide array of different musical styles, genres, and overall approaches to music. It is this eclectic nature that makes this title a must-have. The evolution that has taken place since Tarantino’s debut, Recusant. Recusant benefitted from the masterful production of Simply Red’s Tony Bowers, but I feel that the album provides listeners with a more nuanced view of Tarantino.

Tarantino’s approach to his music is simple; he puts pieces of himself into each effort. It is the connections that he creates with his listeners that makes the resulting tracks so effecting. The entirety of “Ray Tarantino” is strong; there is not the marked decline of quality that is present in a great many albums that have been released in the last few years. I found myself singing along to late-disc tracks like Flicker of a Light and A Whisper in the Sea just as much as early-disc efforts like Can’t You See and Across the River.

Make it a point to check out Tarantino whenever he stops down at a town around you; the richness and emotionality of his music will make a fan out of anyone lucky enough to listen in. There is a world nature to this disc that showcases exactly how united we are as a people. While the experiences that Tarantino has had took place half a world away from many of his listeners, his skill as a musician makes each lyric and line resonate loudly.

Check out Ray Tarantino’s website at or his Facebook at . For those that wish to purchase a copy of his album, check out this link – . Keep an eye on NeuFutur for additional Tarantino coverage.  Spin “She Comes To Me (So Easily)” and tell local radio stations to include in on rotation.

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