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Q: Implicate Order is your latest album. How did the release move from initial thought to finished effort?

Actually, it fragmented.  When I first planned to release this music I thought one album.  But as I was writing I had so much material and it was clearly in two different genres so I decided I needed to do two albums.  Heavy task – right?  I decided all the singer-song writer, pop, alternative, and some rock would go on Implicate Order, while all the heavier punk, rock, and metal tunes would go on another album called Life’s Addiction.  From there things went smoothly, and I filled up the tracks effortlessly after releasing the initial 3 song EP for each album.


Q: Who is inspiring you right now? Which artists or styles most influence your overall sound?

Matisyahu is my biggest inspiration right now.  I especially love his stripped down, acoustic version of his latest album Spark Seeker.  I cover “Live Like a Warrior” when I play live.  I really appreciate his transition from reggae to what he is doing now, as I feel it parallels my transition from hard rock artist to something more accessible.  Though I love and prefer the rock/reggae mix he did over the electronica he did on his latest album, the songs speak for themselves and achieve the same inspiration that I strive for in my songwriting.  Also Chris Cornell, Shinedown, and even kirtan music from Krishna Das serve as inspiration for me.

Q: Were there any songs on Implicate Order that were particularly difficult or challenging?

There were a few.  Not from a creative standpoint, but rather how to properly blend and present them in order to keep a cohesive sound.  There are some very atmospheric songs on the album that required my Producer and me to really focus on how I am trying to present myself as an artist.  It is always a difficult thing because people want to put your peg in the proper shaped hole, and I want to stand on my own, yet still fit in multiple places.  It is always a challenge for any artist, but especially one transitioning to a new style and new mode of expression.

Q: How has your style evolved and changed over the period since you first started?

Definitively, as I alluded to, I have been a hard rock guy for decades.  Still love hard rock, metal, and even some screamo.  So my outlet for that is Life’s Addiction.  Implicate Order is all about unity, love, and grace.  Those things require a different musical context than hard rock.  But I look to artists that have done some great cross over work.  What Eddie Vedder did solo and with Ukulele Songs was amazing.  There are a lot of artist that are going back to basics; a well written song and an acoustic guitar, because that is where most great songs start.

Q: Why should readers buy Implicate Order? What are your favorite songs on the album?

Purchasing Implicate Order is really doing something good for you.  I created this album to enhance the listener’s life with positive messages and inspiring lyrics.  I want people to have something to put on when they want to feel good, be inspired, and improve their life.  There are many negative, useless, and social programing messages in music.  But there really is nothing useless, because all of is taking up valuable space that could be used for something positive and to program the mind towards peace, abundance and greatness.  That’s what Alex Von Z music is for.
My favorite songs are What It Should Be, Chocolate Covered Karma, Two Wolves, and Put Her Down.  But that’s at the moment I write this.  Sometimes I am playing a song and I fall in love with it all over again.  Songs are like people.  You can go through periods in relationships where things are exciting, where things are stalled or in a lull, and then you fall in love all over again.  That’s actually the best part, right?  Falling in love; over and over again.

Q: What are your most memorable experiences as a performer, either live or in the studio?

People often ask me why I gave up a lot of the lifestyle I once led, and this story is a big part of the reason.  I was playing a venue and a guy was really excited to be talking to me and that we were going to be playing from the moment we showed up.  He was drinking throughout the night and after our 2nd set said he shouldn’t have drank so much because he only had one kidney.  I was like “dude, slow down.  Get some water.”  Well during our 3rd set an ambulance shows up while we are playing and apparently the guy fell to the ground outside and had to be taken to the hospital.  Now I didn’t pour the liquor down his throat, but we definitely brought the party in those days.  Obviously I have had a lot of fun and positive experiences performing as well, but after being a part of that experience I had to ask myself how I wanted to be of service in the world.  Though I had only met him briefly I considered him a friend and I don’t want harm to come to my friends, fans, or anyone for that matter.  So I had to decide to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Q: How should people find your music and the latest news about yourself?


Q: What has provided more of your fans – Facebook / Instragram / Twitter or traditional word of mouth?

Word of mouth; my current fans are the best referral source I have found so far and do so much to support this music.  I certainly hope the readers of Neufutur are ready to be a part of Alex Von Z as well.

Q: What are your plans for 2014?

Complete and release the Implicate Order album.  Follow it up with more great content.  I try to constantly release videos, lyric posts, and other fun things for my listeners.  I will do anything to keep them engaged.  I want to close the year by finishing recording the Life’s Addiction album to have a new release ready in 2015.

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