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Date nights keep couples together, even when life gets stressful. While it may seem easier just to stay in and get pizza, there needs to be some effort made on both ends of the relationship if it has a hope of surviving. Reduce your stress levels about picking the place when you keep these tips in mind.

Putt Putt, Bowling, Pool, Trivia…

There’s something about having something to do that makes it easier to chat. Challenge your love to a couple of friendly games or challenge fellow patrons and see if you can’t make some new friends. Attending a trivia night at your local bar will help you meet new people, as most of the time you need more than 2 people to stand a chance at answering the questions. It is also less expensive than finding out how much is a speeding ticket in Arizona. These types of activities are a fun and effortless way to spice things up, and it helps everyone venture a bit more out of their comfort zone without feeling particularly foreign.


If there are night classes that you can take in your area, then you really need to take advantage of them for the health of yourself and your relationship. Like challenging each other to a friendly bar game, classes take the concept to a whole new level by challenging yourself to learn something new. Taking a class with someone also gives you a reason to go, as you’ll both push each other when it seems easier to just stay in. Look for fun sessions that teach you more about how to take photos at night, or how to pair your next menu with the right wine.

Dinner and a Show

The theater gives you a chance to get into a crowd to share a common experience. You can’t talk while the performance is happening, so you have something to discuss when you go out for coffee or a late-night snack. The theater should be enjoying for everyone, whether it’s stand-up comedy, a concert, or a musical. (And yes, even the movie theater counts when there’s nothing else you want to see.) When you head out on a Friday or Saturday night, consider taking a defensive driving course so you’re as safe as you can possibly be amongst the rest of the couples on the road.

Get a Couples Massage

Massage parlors at night are always the right thing to do. Not only do you know that you have nothing else planned for the rest of the evening (meaning it will be a truly epic relaxation session), but you’re also already likely to be tired at the end of the day. Your sleep deficit will thank you, and you can delight in the fact that you’re both getting the movie-star treatment together.

Go to a Club

it’s not fair that (very) young people get to have all the fun when it comes to dancing. This option is may take a lot of effort, which is why it’s often overlooked from long-term couples. If you don’t love the modern thumping found at many of today’s clubs, then put on your finest clothes and get out to a subtler jazz club. Bonus points if you take a class or two so you can knock everyone’s socks off.

Some of the best date nights you’ll have are the ones that give you new experiences. Not every weekend can be a romantic getaway, but there are new people to meet and places to go right in your backyard. A date night can even be something as basic as a walk around the block!

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