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Online casinos provide players with the opportunity to try any of the games in their portfolio for free. All you need is a real money account and then you can experience the excitement of online casino games without risking your cash. However, the most exciting forms of entertainment imply a deposit and the wagering of real currency. For this purpose, casinos provide players with alternative payment methods, and their popularity differs depending on country and region.

Europeans prefer debit and credit cards

Visa and Mastercard are the main suppliers of credit, debit, and prepaid cards that Europeans use for online gambling. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that these financial instruments are also used daily to make purchases and send money. Deposits are performed instantly and cashouts require only a few days after the withdrawal is accepted by most mobile casino sites online.

Prepaid cards have the advantage of keeping expenses in check and players can only wager the amount they have preloaded. Debit cards are somewhere in between, as you can use all the money you have on the card and it is also possible to load it from your Internet banking account. Credit cards are a bit problematic because players can use the money they don’t own and that’s why some European countries have banned them from gambling.

South Americans prefer cash payments

Interestingly enough, not many South Americans have credit, debit, and prepaid cards. However, they enjoy online gambling and that’s why they prefer to load their online casino accounts with cash. This can be done from local pay-points that automatically process payment or in the physical locations of online gambling operators. The system is a bit rudimentary, but it works and local players enjoy it a lot, therefore it is likely to exist for many years to come.

Africans and Indians love mobile payments

Internet coverage has expanded in Africa over the last decade, but there are still many places where the infrastructure is lacking. On the other hand, players can access the Internet from their mobile devices and that’s why smartphones and tablets are you so much for gambling. Not surprisingly, payment methods that rely on handheld devices to fund the accounts of online casinos are also popular here.

M-Pesa and other similar mobile payment solutions have plenty of fans on the dark continent. They can be used to load the account quickly, but not all of them are also suitable to cash out profits. Funding the online casino account from a mobile subscription plan means that withdrawals need to be processed differently. Mobile payment solutions are also immensely popular among players from India.

Canadians love Interac and Gigadat

These two payment methods are largely unknown outside Canada, but in this country, they are used with great success. Local players have been relying on these banking options for many years to fund online casino accounts and also to transfer money around quickly and securely. They are fast, reliable, and inexpensive, which are all important qualities for online punters.

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