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Posted on: October 23, 2008 Posted by: Kristopher Shepard Comments: 0

Absolut – Los Angeles (80 Proof)

I’m a serious fan of Absolut Vodka especially their flavored types. But when I picked up a bottle of their 2008 special edition flavor entitled Los Angeles I was blown away. Absolut has taken their master craftsmanship of vodka and flavoring and thrown together one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had in my life. Featuring acai, acerola, pomegranate and blueberry flavors Los Angeles is out of this world.

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Clean Slate 2007 Riesling

Throughout all of my youth and legal alcohol-drinking age, I had not found a single type of wine I liked until New Year rolled around last year. I had purchased a bottle of champagne (Korbel) and liked it, and moved into Verdi soon after. However, I still had my doubts about a more traditional type of wine, until Clean Slate’s 2007 Riesling came across the desk. The smooth mouth feel…

Posted on: October 22, 2008 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Bald Guy Black Suit – Demoo

When I think of a bald guy in a black suit I think of that movie The Driver which is one of my favorites although the sequel sucks. Bald Guy Black Suit a four track EP in the vein of some of my favorite post-punk acts is an energy ridden disc with plenty going on. Excelsior! the first track is played exactly like a song with that title should be…

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Two Sheds – EP

Two Sheds five track EP is one of those discs you pop in on a great fall day and just zone out focusing on the music and nothing else. With five great tracks, Two Sheds really shows a lot of talent and love keeping interest throughout. You, the first track on the EP, a well played and sang song really showcasing a band that has a lot of talent and…

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Loxsly – Flashlights

Loxsly’s 4 song EP Flashlights is interesting to say the least with even more interesting song titles. Lamprey Eels, the first track on the EP is very engaging and takes a lot to really focus on all the little things that are going on which is a common theme throughout. The song has some interesting lyrics and sound which I’ve come to expect from bands like Grandaddy. Chopper, has twice…

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Bees and the Birds – EP

Somewhere out there Conor Oberst and Frank Black are listening to this EP and they’re yelling out their windows to the masses that pass to pick this stellar EP up. Bees and Birds three song EP is just incredible, where have you been all of my life, hiding these lovable tracks somewhere I bet. Bees and Birds are just fun, the name, the sound everything, it makes me smile and…

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The Republic Tigers – S/T EP

So, Chop Shop Records we need to have a talk about The Republic Tigers, their four song EP you send just…just isn’t enough to suffice me. This four song EP comes not only with the disc but I also have five pictures of the men responsible for the great sound coming out of my speakers, a nice little bonus. Buildings & Mountains, is an head bobber and ass shaker all…

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The Little Ones – Morning Tide

I grabbed Morning Tide at random this morning (actually afternoon) in a drunken haze of last nights triumphs and failures and found some very relaxing poppy songs. The Little Ones are obviously trained in the art of pop-music taking licks from Pet Shop Boys and bands of that sort. With plenty of synthesizer to fill the fuzzy holes in my ears the sound kind of grows on you like a…

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Red Bull BC One (DS)

Throughout all of gaming, there have been a number of company-sponsored releases. Individuals may remember M.C. Kids, Yo Noid!, or Cool Spot; Red Bull BC One both comes forth as similar and extremely different from these types of games. This DS title is similar in the sense that there is promotional branding for Red Bull strewn throughout all stages and screens of the game, but it differs in that the…