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My First Warped Tour

I have never really been to a music festival, personally I thought I was probably making a huge mistake going to Warped tour, I had the stereotypical view on music festivals. At first I thought it was going to be a dirty, hot, drunken, drug fest. Well this proved me wrong. The whole area was great, kept up and clean, flyers all over the place but no true garbage on…

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The Madison Project (Burlington, Vermont)

The Madison Project has been around since 2006, after Forrest (drummer) and Ryan (vocalist/guitars) ended their tenure with a previous band and wanted to create something new, something that would change the face of music as they knew it. The two spun their feels until the later months of 2006 when Ben (bass) joined up, forming the Madison Project. Each member of the Madison Project provides a diverse set of…

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SCALE THE SUMMIT plans month-long tour through southern and eastern US

Houston’s SCALE THE SUMMIT have confirmed plans to tour from late this month into late March across the southern and eastern United States, playing with a handful of different bands along the way, including several shows with God Is An Astronaut and an appearance by the instrumental quartet at Austin, Texas’ South By Southwest music festival on March 14.

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A Letter To No One

This is the most depressed I’ve ever been. I can barely move, I’ve been so affected by this. I haven’t written anything candidly for a while. Sure, Danica and I are doing fine, but the rest of my world is falling apart. I failed my last shot at being in the Ph.D. program at Kent State. I’m appealing, but I doubt I’ll get this overturned. Most people know that my…

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Music Video Distributors

Music Video Distributors has been around since 1986, when it was founded by Tom Seaman, who had floated around the music industry for years before that. In the twenty-plus years since the company was founded, they have rapidly become one of the most premiere companies in producing and distributing band videos. 2006 saw the company grow even further, as MVD opened up a record label of sorts, making available albums…

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The Seven Deadly Sins of the “Wannabe”Musician

“If you live to play…Then play damn it.” 1)Thinking that you have to make your money “touring”. Where is it written that you have to live by the breadcrumbs the bars and clubs of this world are willing to give you in some town you have never heard of? This is bad thinking champ. And bad thinking leads to bad business. You have no following in Bumblestream Ohio- so how…

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Musings on Buddhism and Islam by Danica.

Sometimes I begin to wonder what have I done with my life. I mean I’ve done some cool stuff, been to a lot of awesome places, and had a few drinks with some friends…but I sometimes wonder is there more to life than getting drunk. I know that with most 18 year olds that spirituality isn’t a main concern for them… but I’ve been though too much to not think…