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Blair Lott plays a brand of pop meets rock music that has a little bit of the new (Jack Johnson) with a lot of the old (Jimmy Buffett). The easy listening type of style that starts out “Rooms and Boxes” will thus have a large listenership. “The Promise” is a little on the slow side, but it works well with Lott’s own brand of edgy meets lounge vocals. The style of Lott’s music changes with “Clear”, a track that has a much more bluesy sound to it. The vocals do not change much, if at all, but the framing of the track gives a different highlight to Lott’s voice that keeps the energy up and allows Lott to not be hemmed in to a specific style of music. Lott goes back to a similar style as “The Promise” with “Rooms and Boxes”.

The track has a slow enough tempo that the shortness of the track (just about three minutes) does not show. “Dying in Time” continues with the slightly slower tempo, but has Lott include a great deal more soul influence. This brings Lott into a Chris Isaak type of sound, and has the added benefit of differentiating eir overall sound. The track works perfectly in furthering the disc, and will hold individuals over until Lott has eir first true hit of the album. The more tender sound of “Half the Way There” really reminds me of the later (rright before eir death) Warren Zevon. There is a weariness present in Lott’s voice during this track that helps give a little more gravity to the track. This track is what could conceivably catapult Lott to the big time.

Obviously, the song will not be a single, but individuals will be able to understand exactly how much talent Lott has after listening to this track. This same tired, country-laced sound continues during “Already Left You (In My Mind)”. Where “Half the Way There” was a solid track in its’ own right, “Already Left You” is the track that could be on NPR and alternative rock radio. By settling down into this style, Lott is able to go and really make a name for eirself. Hopefully more albums will come forth that will show Lott expanding upon the sound present during “Half the Way There” and “Already Left You”. Give the disc a go if one likes Johnny Cash or the aforementioned Chris Isaak.

Top Tracks: Already Left You, She Touches Water

Rating: 6.3/10

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