NeuFutur Magazine has been around since November of 1998, and have reviewed nearly 6,500 CDs, 500 zines, and countless other projects.

Throughout the last 18 years, we have increased our coverage to include film, television, books, and consumer goods. In the last seven years, our alcohol, travel, dining, health and fitness, and fitness section has grown our fan base to over 125,000 unique visitors each month. All articles are released on NeuFutur, promoted on our social media profiles, and are indexed on Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo.

With audiences of 10,000+ impressions per Tweet, our articles are seen throughout the world. We are able to provide up to date coverage through the work of 20-30 staffers working at any given time. If you are a company and would like to submit a project, product, or pitch to our attention, please contact us directly.

We are always increasing our reach to cover the latest in restaurants, hotels, breweries, and other attractions; if you are a writer and wish to be a beat reporter for your city, please contact us as well.

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  1. […] Neu Futur Magazine is a digital and print magazine that has been around since November of 1998, and have reviewed (at the time of writing) nearly 2,500 CDs, 500 zines, and countless other efforts of artist output. Read more: […]

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