Johnossi Release Album in the US in October

On October 9th, 2007—Stockholm’s JOHNOSSI will release their self-titled debut album in the US on The Control Group (El Perro Del Mar, Figurines).

Last Summer, I was working feverishly out of +1’s Westside compound at the Grafton Hotel in Los Angeles — with complete tunnel vision only to my summoning laptop and my constantly vibrating cell-phone. I noticed two very European-looking men in fluorecent polo-style shirts and short-shorts eyeing me at a table nearby.  They approached me, interrupting a conference call, and pleaded with me to take just one listen to some band.  
They ‘just happened’ to have an iPod all cued, ready to go.  The last thing I wanted to do at that point was listen to some new band I knew nothing about…

Well, at one listen of a song titled “Man Must Dance”, I dropped everything I was doing. I wanted to know more about this mysterious band.  At that point, the tables were turned and I began interrogating them about the group, who were revealed to be Swedish duo named JOHNOSSI. Did they have more than this one incredible song? They showed me the band’s website. I could tell they had a lot of good things happening already. I watched the video for another tune called “Execution Song”, and I was hooked.  I checked out the contact page of their site and saw the single person I knew in all of Sweden.
Manager Filip Wilén (Shout Out Louds, El Perro Del Mar, Lykke Li), had just begun working with the band not more than a month prior. This introduction to JOHNOSSI just kept getting better and better.

We decided to join forces, bringing JOHNOSSI over to the US (post-haste). The band completely blew the roofs off of packed clubs in NYC, Los Angeles and SXSW 2007, with an undeniably raw and electrifying live show that was and is even more jaw-dropping than their recordings.

It’s 2007.  JOHNOSSI are coming-off of their year-long building process in the US and the world-over. They are now ready for all of America with their US album release in October and a full US Tour coming this October as well.
– Jonny Kaps, +1

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JOHNOSSI are two old school Stockholm friends, John (guitar/vocals) and Ossi (drums). Their heart-pounding live gigs are performed with only an acoustic guitar, played through two amps with a heavy dose of effects
, and high precision, combat style drumming.

JOHNOSSI released their self-titled debut on a small Swedish indie in 2006 without any marketing spend, but their live show reputation, as well as fantastic critivcal review, quickly brought the debut to sell-out its first pressing.  V2 quickly snatched up JOHNOSSI, releasing the album throughout Europe.

JOHNOSSI will be available via The Control Group in the US, on October 9th, 2007.

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“They could all be hits” – Drowned in Sound

“JOHNOSSI start their set, and it’s a pretty great moment in rock” – New York Press

“Meg White’s drumming is a big part of the White Stripes’ sound, but imagine what they’re be like if she was good? Enter JOHNOSSI” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Such an incredibly full and LOUD sound for just two people … awesome.” – The Modern Age

“Just look at the track listing, there isn’t a weak tune on it. But what do they sound like? A wall of sound, built by Taylor Hawkins, Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain after vocal surgery? God knows. Just buy it.”   – New Noise (UK)

For more info on John and Ossi, check out: or

To watch their music video for “Execution Song”, check out:

To watch a live performance of “Man Must Dance” at Merjeriet in Lund, Sweden, check out:

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