Adam West-13 De Luxe [ADB]

Adam West-13 De Luxe

This is 1999 Fandango, with 13 songs . Fandango records is the label the Adam West was on, which they created themselves. The music is Rock, with definite Misfits influences (They have covered Misfits songs on 7 inch.). The songs have a chunky, old sounding guitar riffs. AW is really hard to describe expect for sounding like Misfits meets Monster Magnet. Song 13 is the longest song on the cd ,being a 13:13 long song. They also have a hint of the small intelligence part of DRI/MOD sound. The other big influences of AW is Danzig, with the song “Charm”. The manage to sound a little like all Glenn Danzig related projects- Danzig, Samhain, and the Misfits.


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