Brittney Elizabeth Debuts with “Breathe In”

Like a sweet breath of fresh air, Brittney Elizabeth arrives on the pop rock music scene with her debut release, Breathe In, slated for national release on Desert Sunrise Records November 27th, and distributed nationally by CBUJ. These tender tales of heartache and bittersweet reminiscence sung with a vocal maturity well beyond her 20 years make for an impressive debut from a promising young talent. Brittney’s melodious voice and graceful beauty are sure to secure her a top-spot in the industry limelight, but it’s the genuine honesty and broad accessibility of her lyrics that will insure her staying power.Brittney’s first steps into the national music scene are paved with the platinum strength of her songwriting and sophisticated vocal tone. She has received much praise for her voice so far in her burgeoning career, as LA’s Music Connection magazine writes,”The 19-year old singer from Arizona has a strong, appealing voice that sounds very commercial on thoughtful, well-constructed tunes…” In her song, “Bright Eyes”, she articulates the universal feeling of heartache as she writes, “Why do I take comfort in misery/Put on a sad song when I’m sad/Absence makes the heart grow harder/When its not happy with what it had.” The album isn’t only a glimpse into the poems of a young woman’s first foray into heartbreak, as the chorus of “LA With Open Arms” gives a hopeful account of what it will take to stay strong in the face of adversity. She sings, “I will let you in on everything/I will never be the same/I will love every mistake I make/And stamp it with my name/ Los Angeles with open arms.” MTV’s “Real World” came knocking as soon as they heard this track!

This 12-track collection is a glimpse into the emotions involved in leaving a love to pursue a dream. Brittney encapsulates these emotions beautifully in her debut, making Breathe In pertinent to anyone interested in what it takes to manifest your creative desires. A romantic who unequivocally believes everyone’s soul mate is out there, Brittney beautifully documents the often painful journey a young woman takes in the search of “The One.”

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