Exploited – Don’t Forget the Chaos [ADB]

2 songs are recorded in a studio and the rest are recorded live. Released in 92 on Cleopatra Records, with 18 songs on it. The songs have a fast tempo with a driving beat. The sound is very muddy on the live songs, but it still is amazing to listen to. Very good screaming delivery in the songs ,making this a true brit punk band. Political lyrics and screaming always work well together. Some amazing bass lines are on this tape that are very audible. All the instruments fit well together, and the drumming is top notch on this tape. The sound of the instruments are different enough not to mix together. The live songs on this tape sound about as good as a bootleg copy. the lead singer, Wattie, used to wear a mohawk helmet, which pissed off the fans of the band. The exploited were one of the most famous punk bands ever. Buy a studio album of theres, since it captures their essence. This album only helps pushead.

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Author: James McQuiston

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