Musab Cuts Video for “Hat & Shoes”

As far as videos go, Musab’s “Hat & Shoes” is about as much of a departure from his previous video, “Baaang,” as you could imagine from the smooth-talking mack. While “Baaang” was set in his hometown of Minneapolis, “Hat & Shoes” takes place in his newer haunt, Las Vegas. Instead of firing off heavy rhymes straight into the camera, we now have Sab flowing into a microphone in a dark club for the mellow cocktail crowd. It’s a perfect fit for the smoother, “mack music” style of rapping and the easy-going lounge-style guitar producer King Karnov lays down. You may find yourself getting up to mix some martinis, dressing up for a night on the town, or just relaxing in the crib – it’s all cool, according to Sab, “Just don’t bend my hat, sir, or step on my shoes.” Sounds to me like the man has his priorities straight.

“Hat & Shoes” Video:

The Background:

Musab (formerly known as Beyond) has had a remarkable rap career integral to the surprising rise of Minneapolis Hip-Hop. His album entitled Comparison was the first release of indie hip-hop label giant, Rhymesayers Entertainment. He contributed to Atmosphere’s classic first release, Overcast (1998), then teamed up with Atmosphere, I Self Divine of Micronauts, Gene Poole of Full Circle, and producer Ant to form the super-group The Dynospectrum. His solo album, Respect the Life (2002) introduced the world to Minnesota Slicks, the Southside mack. Musab recently changed label homes from Rhymesayers to rap pioneers Hieroglyphics, who will release the autobiographic album Slick’s Box. Born in Minneapolis, MN, to a fifteen-year-old mother deep in the game and raised by an assortment of women who were all affiliated with pimps, Musab is literally a pimp-by-blood. “Pimping ain’t all wearing Louis Vuitton, explains Musab, “It’s also about paying your girl’s dentist bills and college tuition. It’s a dirty game and a strenuous lifestyle. It’s nothing to glorify.’ Musab’s frustration with hip-hop co-opting and misrepresenting his professional lifestyle inspired the more personal approach taken on Slick’s Box and gives tracks such as the club-banger “Baaang” a refreshing twist of reality.

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