SSD – Power [ADB]

The album was released in 1992 on Taang Records ,with 29 songs spanning all of SSD’s career. If you dont know, SSD was formed in 1981 and released 4 albums before breaking up in 1985. Really fast punk, shittily recorded but with great guitars and screaming vocals. The lyrics are hard to understand, and SSD sounds influenced by Surf/Rockabilly guitaring. In fact their guitars are more close to Surf music then most punk bands are. The bass is barely heard on the songs, but it is there, lurking and masked by the shitty recording of the prior albums. The lead guitarist can pull off some uncharacteristic pseudo-metal screeching guitar solos. The sound holds up well for songs written almost 20 years ago. They would be appreciated as much now, if not more, then they were when they were around. The newer stuff sounds more produced and some even sounds like a hair band (Break it up), The band is fucking great.

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Author: James McQuiston

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