Tab Isn’t Just A Soda Anymore; “Masked Bandit” featured on CSI: New York

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Music Connection – “Raw and intense with just enough raging energy to scorch your skin. Tab’s form of rock is unrelenting, uncompromising and irresistible…young intense and tremendously talented”

Boston Herald – “With loads more talent than your average rock star progeny, the promising TAB should do fine without parental interference. Unlike dad’s relatively clean brand of dirty rock ‘n’ roll, bassist/vocalist Adrian and guitarist Tony indulge in messy music mired in dark Deep Purple and Black Sabbath riffs and hip White Stripes and Stooges changes.”

It’s been a looooong HOT summer for Boston’s latest and greatest Power Rock Trio. Tony, Adrian and Ben spent time recording their debut full length album Pulling Out Just Enough to Win (North Street Records/January 28th). The boys from Boston had another first—-their first US tour—warming stages in dates up and down both coasts. What next? They hopped a plane across the pond to the UK and playing shows including festival slots at the Hyde Park Calling Festival and opening gigs for Dinosaur Jr and Rosehill Drive.

Their debut LP features some fantastic first singles and dirty deep cuts. “Secretary’s Day” and “CYT”, are scruffy little pop ditties reminiscent of the days of Keith’s & Mick’s reigned supreme and, then there is “The House of El Ron” and “Antitrust”, which features some fierce guitar licks courtesy of Tony and some booming basslines/vocals from Adrian. The two Perry Brothers have inherited their father’s (Joe Perry) genius guitar genes, but the similarities end there. TAB the Band have proven with this debut LP that they can stand alone and will do so for many years to come.

Though TAB the band has only existed since January 2007, it has accomplished a lot in its short career. The Boston band has earned respect as an energetic and powerful live act. With 2 EPs and a full length record, the band, Tony Perry-guitar, Adrian Perry-vocals, bass, and Ben Tileston-drums, has established a back to basics rock sound that has been missing from the American musical landscape. On their debut LP, ‘Pulling Out Just Enough to Win’ you can hear the promise of a rock band that understands its history but also is built for any time period, regardless of trend, fad or passing fancy. TAB the band’s first record will be released in January and the band is currently recording its second album which will be ready for release in the late 08. If you’re tired of bands auto-tuning the character out of their music and making every snare hit fit into a grid, then check out TAB the band. At the least, they promise to be loud.

TAB are: Tony Perry, Adrian Perry, Ben Tileston

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5 thoughts on “Tab Isn’t Just A Soda Anymore; “Masked Bandit” featured on CSI: New York”

  1. I love the sound of the band, really good. It sound´s much better than the Joe Perry´s Proyect, from long ago. Here we could said: the students go over the master!!

  2. Hi Love the music. I am related to your Father I am his cousin We have been to many of his concerts and we cant wait to go to one of yours

  3. TAB the band is raw electrifying music that brings us back to the days of Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Cream, etc. I cant wait for the next album to come out! Rock on and Rock hard!

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