The Shyness Clinic – Sea of Redlights [ADB]

Released in 1998 on Espo Records. It has 12 songs, and i paid nothing for it . TSC uses interesting mixes of noise in songs like “Not if i leave first”, to make a interesting indy album . Spacy, distortion filled guitars mix with a very strong drum beat. The openings for the songs are the most interesting parts of the disc. TSC can sound extremely different from song to song, changing their delivery, tempo and general sound. It takes a lot of talent to make an unique sounding album but keeping an original sound. The slow songs have a tendency to all mix together. The songs are of much higher qualities then Elliot Smith, since they actually have pseudo-instrumental interludes that really change the flow of the disc . The faster tempoed songs of the disc really show where TSC’s talent lies, as these songs are catchy, well played (all of their songs are) and just fun to listen to. Without a doubt, the most talents member of the band is the drummer. While i don’t like most Indy Rock, this is not all garbage like most of the bands are. Quite a few songs on the disc give a hint at what the band can actually do.

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Author: James McQuiston

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