Tubes – Genius of America [ADB]

This is a 12 song CD, released on Popular Records in 1996 by this 5 piece band. All but one of these songs are over 4 minutes long. Odd style of hard rock in the blues vein (read: Bryan Adams and Lynard Skynard) but more musical. Great guitar riffs combine with a gruff voice to make a rough sounding set of songs. The songs are very well written and very catchy that will make you sing the words by the second time you hear the album. Awesome car driving music as well. Very fresh style of rock by a band that should have sold 16 million albums. They even have a ballad that was tastefully done (How can you live with your self).Very politically active band (Big brother is still watching) They change tempos, including tribal sounding drums and jazz guitar riffs. They can be reached at or at Marilyn Wood, PO Box 13111, Oakland CA 94661.


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Author: James McQuiston

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