Vinnie! – Used to be Me, Used to Believe [ADB]

This album was created by Jenrazor records, in 1996, and Rodney Riffle may be reached at, or they may be written to at 181 Nottingham Ct, Westerville OH, 43081. This is a cool Indy rock band with elements of quite a few genres, life Surf Rock, Punk, and Folk. This has odd lyrics intermeshed perfectly with the music that is created by this trio. This band eventually became Fifty-Fifty, with the deletion of Rodney Riffle. Fifty-Fifty can be reached at (614) 885-1884. This info is of 1998, and may be inaccurate. None of the songs are the same on either of the albums. Each member of Vinnie!/Fifty-Fifty plays(ed) Bass, Drums, and the Guitar. I am not sure if the song is serious, but there is a song on the tape that tries to be a “Death Rock” song with Death-dealing lyrics and Growling. It is called “Sun”.

Rating 6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Vinnie! – Used to be Me, Used to Believe [ADB]”

  1. thank’s for the post! yep “sun” is just about that bro, and i enjoyed every mother fucking time we played that “death rock” song, god rest my brother rodney and all of the inspiration he applied on me, i will miss him every time i look at that bright/dark object in the sky..~J

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