Audiopain’s New Release Rends Assholes Worldwide

Thrash’s most underrated harbingers of the apocalypse for years now, Norway’s Audipain are set on world domination on their latest, The Switch To Turn Off Mankind. Don’t believe the hype? Read some initial praise on the new one.

“Unlike today’s trend-hoppers, who blow their loads early, shoving Bonded by Blood through flailing German overeagerness, Audiopain are grim, disciplined, professional operators.” – Decibel

“The trio play unabashed, trashed thrash along the lines of the early output by Canadian greats Slaughter and

Bonded-era Exodus, the likes of which have enough street cred to send upstarts like 3IOB back to their reference books and vinyl collections.” – Metal Maniacs

“Support Audiopain, not Audioslave!” – Fenriz/Darkthrone

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Author: James McQuiston

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