Papertrigger’s Riot Lovers EP Out December 18th

LOSING TODAY “This EP is a glimpse of the essential storytelling that they have been working on which will form their debut album. As a taster it is outrageously good. It has classic and collector’s item flashing all over it. Papertrigger will soon be part of many peoples’ worlds…The term Band To Watch is much abused, Papertrigger are more like a Phenomenon About To Happen. Their local Philadelphia press rave, they know what we will find out soon.”

AMPLIFIER “On the very first downbeat of this Philly-based quintet’s rock operatic debut EP, those aforementioned concerns evaporate. Singer/ pianist Chris Manglos serves up a soaring vocal melody worthy of Broadway (or Wembley Stadium) in the rollicking waltz “We Are Nations Now” – and that’s just the beginning. Papertrigger are all about grandiosity – classically inspired piano interludes, orchestral arrangements, cinematic guitar motifs, and, beneath it all, a pounding and flexible rhythm section.”

POP MATTERS “Papertrigger are a young Philadelphia band that make Art Rock—you know, the muscular, orchestral, dense, surprising, clashing sound of young men understanding the chaos of the world. The group takes Radiohead and runs with it, occasionally appropriating a piano arpeggio here, and a blues-inspired chord progression there. Instrumentation, dense, complex and often dissonant.”

DAILY CANDY “What do they sound like? Put it this way: If we were on a boat with a bunch of Vikings looking for some giant squid to kill, this is what would be playing. It would be madness, and it would be wonderful.
…They’ll blow your nuts off.”

JAIMIE KREMS, SPIN.COM “With a live show that rivals buzz-band Beirut in both raw energy and the sort of “What the hell just happened up there” crowd elation by their set’s end, I find myself relieved. The wait (for the next great band) is over – or maybe I’m just excited to finally hear something that was worth waiting for. ”


Fresh off a CMJ performance at Alphabet Lounge and a Mercury Lounge Show with Holly Golightly, Papertrigger return to NYC with The Most Serene Republic on December 13th at Brooklyn’s Southpaw. With the release of their ‘Riot Lovers’ EP, out December 18th, Philadelphia’s Papertrigger have crashed into people lives with an astounding and relentless energy, drawing comparisons to such acts as Beirut, Ben Folds Five and late-era Radiohead. Voted “one of the 10 best unsigned bands in Philadelphia” by , this unabashedly daring debut has indeed given us a proper introduction to their seemingly intricate and ghostly universe. Their songs and’ live show carry an undeniably epic quality about them, and yet pull on universal feelings that you’d be hard-pressed not to give in to; winsome tides of music full of raw energy, soaring guitars, trashcan lids, haunted group chants and marching band pomp. Fans have appropriately nicknamed their style “bar-brawl music”, because it’s music they feel you might hear during a bar fight. Granted, it’s not a bar you’d be likely to find in this time period, or on this planet, but a bar nonetheless.

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