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Steven Kalas and his band, PaperCymbal play everything from driving pop-rock to tasty, acoustic folk guaranteed to hammer you with melody and take you apart with sheer poetry.

“Where the River Goes” has entered the Broadjam Earth Top 10 at Broadjam!
“Where the River Goes” has entered the North America Top 10 at Broadjam!
“Where the River Goes” has entered the United States Top 10 at Broadjam!
“Where the River Goes” has entered the West Top 10 at Broadjam!
“Where the River Goes” has entered the Production – Male Vocals Top 10 at Broadjam!

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Kudos from the Pros !

GRAMMY nominated songwriter, LATHAN HUDSON:

“Steven is a great musician and recording artist who is having success in his part of the U.S. and is on his way to becoming a successful international recording artist.

Here are some words about Steven from one of my best friends, Multiple Award-Winning Songwriter, JOHNNY ‘CHANCE’ JONES who owns the Adventureland Theme Park in Dothan, Alabama. He is one of the best songwriters I know.

Johnny and I have had songs that we co-wrote, recorded by Tammy Wynette. He is the biggest critic I’ve ever been associated with. Johnny could find something wrong with – and would try to rewrite -The Sermon on The Mount and/or works of Shakespeare.” . . .

“Steven Kalas writes some things that blow me away Lathan. I mean, blow me away. I have never seen anyone any more talented, lyrically, and he is a pro singer and melody writer too. If Steven can get out there and get heard, which, apparently, he is doing, the sky could be the limit for him. To me, Lyrically, he’s a cross between Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and Dylan. He misses on some of his songs, like Dylan often did, but it doesn’t matter because he’s so friggin’, unbelievably good on the others that, as in the case of Dylan, people will give him a super star’s latitude; create something in their own minds as to what the song means, demand no co-writing credit, and breathlessly proclaim, “what genius!”

Finally Here was conceived on the day I decided to quit music altogether. My “I-quit” speech was interrupted by a phone call from Fred Migiliore of Fast Forward Artist promotion. Fred invited himself into my life. Finally Here is the result of my accepting that invitation. Fred changed my life. He was the missing ingredient. He promotes my career, yes — but more importantly he transFORMED my understanding of myself. For so long I was a man casting about in the musical universe, trying on styles and identities like so many suits off a rack. Fred helped me find a form, a place, a niche, and a real identity. What’s “finally here” is me — one singer/songwriter instead of many. Finally Here was recorded at Digital Insight recording studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was remixed and mastered at SoundWard Studios in Titusville, Florida by Mark Brasel and Fred Migliore. Together, they coaxed and shaped a quality of sound I had never before achieved. What’s “finally here” is a Steven Kalas I had never heard before.


“I had the good fortune to sit in on one of Steven’s recording sessions. I’ve never before witnessed such precision, such striving for perfection. It paid off. If “Finally Here” isn’t perfection, it doesn’t exist. Exquisite music, with words for the soul to consider in private meditation.

If you like music that can’t be crammed into a niche, “Finally Here” is the album for you. If you want to clearly hear and understand the story behind the song (to which most of us can relate) this is an excellent choice. If you like songs that are thought-provoking and relevant and which NEVER sound like noise, give this one a listen.”

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