Wendy Magazine #8: The Jesus Issue

Wendy Magazine #8: The Jesus Issue / $1 / 24M / :30 / http://www.wendymagazine.com / Reviewed 10 March 2007

This is my first time reading Wendy Magazine, and I have to say that this is some of the weirdest shit that I’ve read. I watch gross and weird Youtube videos, I can dig randomness (Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs, You Idiot!), but Wendy Magazine goes far beyond my levels of oddness. First off, this is the Jesus issue. I can hang with that, there have been a lot of pieces that detail the cheesiness of the “with you always” set of drawings. However, the linkage of Jesus and sex is where it starts to get weird. This is not because Jesus is linked with sex or acts like a horny person (“Chuck Is Pretty Sexual”), but rather that the metaphors and descriptive sentences are just so fucking weird! Take this quotation, for example: “Janie loved her some “instructional videos”…starring hot young wrestlers and water polo players with tiny speedos and mouth guards and trampolines and headgear and Clydesdales”. This is just not linked to one piece, but continues with “Consuela Fucks Shit Up”, a story about a Mexican cleaning lady blessing a wound, and two poems called “The Hardships of Lost n Found Items at Hooters in Ohio” (which are written by two DIFFERENT former drug addicts). The level of absurdity in this issue of Wendy Magazine is off the scare, and I guess I don’t know the writers, but a lot of the material goes over my head instead of triggering laughter or chuckling. Give it a go and see if you can get more from it.

Rating: 5.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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