Ring of Honor (ROH) – Reckless Abandon

This is the first time that we have had a chance to review a Ring of Honor DVD, but we have been familiar with the promotion for a while now. Staff at NeuFutur have lauded the merits of Ring of Honor (hereafter abbreviated ROH) over other indie federations such as CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) and IWA-MS (Mid-South), and even over the more established federations (TNA and WWE). “Reckless Abandon” takes place in Dayton, Ohio in late November of last year. The first thing that individuals will see about this show is that it feels like ROH is building toward the future, giving a number of new stars a chance to possibly hang with the ROH regulars. Continue reading “Ring of Honor (ROH) – Reckless Abandon”

The Limit – Reinventing The Sun

The Limit – Reinventing The Sun / 2007 Self / 13 Tracks / http://www.thelimitmusic.com /

The style of music that The Limit create on the opening strains of “Reinventing The Sun” is nothing that can easily be categorized. Sure, there is a lot of eighties rock influence that marks the band’s “House of Sand”, but there are other defining qualities that are harder to unravel. The act blends together the work of a Journey with the more smoothed out sound of acts like Matthew Sweet and Soul Asylum. Thus, “House of Sand” seems as if it could be on rock rotation, but it also shows The Limit as an act that can tighten up their sound considerable. “Closer” is the second track on the disc, and it shows a little more clearly what is holding the band back. Continue reading “The Limit – Reinventing The Sun”

Shekinah Glory Ministry and Phil Tarver:Trend Setting Kingdom Records’ One – Two Punch

Sensational Praise and Worship choir Shekinah Glory Ministry (SGM) is riding high on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Chart at # 3 with their hit song Jesus, from the live double CD of the same name while their Kingdom Records label-mate Phil Tarver joins them on the Billboard Charts with his single Mighty God from his new disc Draw Nearer (Kingdom Records/Universal). Kingdom Records continues to raise the bar for a pure praise and worship experience by recording music that is timeless, not trendy, sung by singers who are servants, who worship weekly at their home church and are not recording artists in the usual sense. SGM’s home church is Valley Kingdom Ministries International (VKMI) in Oak Forest, Illinois (a south suburb of Chicago). Continue reading “Shekinah Glory Ministry and Phil Tarver:Trend Setting Kingdom Records’ One – Two Punch”

Creepy – The Triple EP

Creepy – The Triple EP / 2007 Teeno / 13 Tracks / http://www.teenorecords.com /

“The Triple EP” starts out with “The Lost”, a traditional emo track that has equal parts Appleseed Cast, Good Charlotte, and The Red Hot Valentines present. The vocals are compelling as all get out, while the inclusion of a fuzzy synthesizer to the mix fills up the track nicely. The band has made a big splash during the introductory moments of the “Triple EP”, and “You’re Dead” is another track that strengthens the band’s case. “You’re Dead” keeps with the inclusion of a synthesizer, which is modified to have a more dance-punk style to it. Continue reading “Creepy – The Triple EP”

Starlit Fireball #5

Filler #1 ? Finally, a magazine that really lives up to this title. The “Filler” in the eponymous zine really is of the highest quality, specifically “A Burning Question?” which details a worker from the Lipton Tea Factory?s descent into madness, which was triggered by drinking the enemy, coffee. A piece from the editor, Faith Holland, is chock full of the same sentiment that you would find in something like an emo song, which shows the most strong of all emotions, that of loss. The only problem that I could conceivably see with the magazine would be its high dependence on poetry, which takes up about four and a half pages out of the twelve of the first issue. The only caveat that I would issue with this review is that Filler has a double whammy, in that this is the first issue of the magazine and that, being a contribution-based magazine, that she might not have received enough submissions. My answer to this would be: Send her stuff! E-mail stuff to Faith at asugarhigh@aol.com , or call her at 914-715-9147, or visit her website at http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/filler/index.html.

Rating : 6.0/10

Kassin +2 is the final installment in the +2 trilogy

Available from Luaka Bop May 13th 2008



Continuing the trilogy of The Plus 2’s, Moreno/Domenico/Kassin+2, Futurismo nimbly threads the lyricism and playfulness of its predecessors Music Typewriter (2001) and Sincerely Hot (2004). The +2’s arrive on the scene again, this time alongside other bands from Brazil, like Bonde de Role and CSS, all of whom demonstrate that music from other places is no longer considered outside of the mainstream. The album includes tracks that feature collaborative work with Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas) who co-wrote and sings with Kassin on ‘Ya Ya Ya’ and ‘Back Bow,’ and additional instrumentation and production from John McEntire (Tortoise) on the song ‘Lakeline.’   Continue reading “Kassin +2 is the final installment in the +2 trilogy”

Anarchy Club’s A Single Drop of Red To Be Released – March 4, 2008

For Boston hard rock/ electronic duo Anarchy Club, making music is all about creating heavy, hard-hitting songs they would want to listen to themselves. Fueled by their addiction to Kung Fu and Asian underground cinema, video games, and classic muscle cars, as well as a wide variety of musical influences, from Rob Zombie and Dr. Dre to Chinese classical, Adam von Buhler and Keith Smith create the cinematic rock juggernaut that is Anarchy Club.
Continue reading “Anarchy Club’s A Single Drop of Red To Be Released – March 4, 2008”

OST: Beowulf

OST: Beowulf / 2007 Warner Brothers / 17 Tracks / http://www.beowulfmovie.com / http://www.warnerbros.com /

Beowulf is one of the oldest stories that is still being told; while it is not as old as the myths that am movie like 300 were taken from, the age on this story is considerable. It is thus the duty of Alan Silvestri to make a soundtrack that fits in well with the action. Individuals that focus on scores may remember Silvestri from eir scores for “Night At The Museum”, “The Polar Express”, “Lilo & Stitch”, and “What Woman Want”. With tens of movies under eir belt, Silvestri is the perfect individual to be tagged for this massive duty. The score itself is divided into 17 distinct compositions. While there are a number of tracks on this score that fill up only a scene, Silvestri is given a number of opportunities to create full-length compositions that accurately capture the mood and tone of this Old English story. Continue reading “OST: Beowulf”