Expectations of Deterioration #2

Expectations of Deterioration #2 / Fourth-Sized / 28 Pages / allscrapedup@yahoo.ca / 

The visual aspect of this zine, just its cover for example, is something that will make people want to check Expectations of Deterioration out. The copy I got had a hand-stitched binding, as well as a blue teardrop on the front. No name, no nothing until one gets on the third page, where a digitized picture of sunflower and a handwritten title await the reader. I really wish I had the first issue of this, as I feel as if I have lost something by starting with the sophomore issue. Some of the people that Christina mentions in this issue I feel that ey might have discussed in more depth the first go around. However, this issue does well in working on its own and explaining what needs to be explained. This specific issue details Christina’s times in Ottawa (2001-2002), and what minutia happens in Christina’s life. Starting out with taking eir’s old pictures down from eir’s wall at the request of one of eir’s friends, the extremely doleful and overall depressing line “who needs to be reminded of what they don’t have.” awaits an individual by a picture of a teddy bear. Christina’s introspective nature is detailed greatly in this issue, and in what seems to have been a blossoming friendship, an individual comes into the picture that “has great teeth”. This issue reads quick – I was probably done with it in about five minutes, but it was truly a five minutes that I wouldn’t want to give back for anything.

Rating: 6.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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