Fat City #7

Fat City #7 / $4.50 / Full-Sized / 80 Pages / PO Box 120196, Boston, MA 02112 / http://www.fatcityrockers.com / fatcitymag@hotmail.com / 

I wasn’t really expecting much from Fat City when I received it in the mail, being all glossy and with a picture of a female holding eir’s breast. However, when I actually got around to reading the magazine, there are some pieces that probably rank right up there with some of the best that this early year has to offer. I really see this magazine as more of a low-rent Metal Edge, albeit with a punk focus. The pictures of random band members are strewn throughout the magazine, there are a few pages of music industry gossip, and various features on bands that are not interviews and are not really reviews, but a sort of a narrative that tie together the two. Fat City is by no means just a music ‘zine either – there are a few derivations from the topical path, including a piece ranking types of beef jerky by someone who doesn’t like them. One of the cover stories, and also the best piece in this issue is one detailing the 10 years since the death of GG Allin, and the individuals who are trying to continue having eir’s name in the public lexicon. Finishing up the magazine by covering three of the largest punk bands currently, The Lawrence Arms, Tsunami Bomb, and the Transplants, the conversation that the interviewers have with each band goes from inane and boring (The Lawrence Arms), to incredibly interesting discussion about a kicked-out member (Tsunami Bomb), and a somewhat trite interview with Skinhead Rob (The Transplants). Overall, one of the better zines from the deluge of half-assed glossy money-making, light on talent and content zines – a true diamond in the rough. Rating: 6.0/10

Rating: 6.4/10

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