THE SECRET – the Italian Battalion set to unleash Disentoxication

Eastern Italy has never been know as a hotbed for things that are ugly or brutal, but the unassuming Eastern city of Trieste has unleashed one of the most fierce and destructive forces from the country’s music scene in the form of THE SECRET. After wowing many with their 2004 debut Luce, the band, now slimmed down to a quartet after some personnel changes, are back in a big way, literally blowing the roof off their debut with an album that is heavier, more frantic and rawer than anything else they’ve ever done. Their upcoming album Disentoxication – their second release for Goodfellow Records, due out February 26th – is a punishing slab of metallic, murderous riffing and relentless powerhouse breakdowns.

Two new tracks from Disintoxication are available at the band’s Myspace now. Instead of recording at home in Italy, this time around the band left their native country for the desolate, rural surroundings of Umea, Sweden to work with famed producer Magnus Lindberg at Tonteknik Recording. Disintoxication means leaving behind your bad situations and bad influences which slowly start destroying your life. Many of the lyrics are about loneliness and isolation; others are just a middle finger in the face of comfortable regular life. It’s all about the struggle you face when you have to take distance from someone or something you love but you know you can’t go on with, like a rehab. It’s about sleepless nights and desperation as well as spitting in the face of the world.

Disintoxication is shipping now to press, interviews are available upon request. The band has random shows and tours scheduled now through the summer strewn about Europe, with an upcoming North American tour in the scheming stages now. Contact the Earsplit Compound with all requests.  |

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