Charlotte Sometimes’ S/T EP Released To The Public

Full-length album Waves And The Both Of Us set for release on Geffen Records Spring ‘08


Who knew murder and sedatives could make for such brisk, lovely music? There’s something to be said for Charlotte Sometimes’ uncanny ability to brighten life’s darker corners on her much-anticipated, self-titled debut EP. A lush, infectious, and beat-ridden teaser that both soars and falls quietly at moments, this three-song exposé on all things ephemeral culls from jazz, electro, and indie folk to create spellbinding songs that tug effortlessly at the heartstrings. That’s not to say that Charlotte doesn’t also know how to be playful; the EP’s opening track, for one, turns male bravado on its head by reinterpreting the refrain of a Cypress Hill classic as her own personal breakup mantra: “How I Could Just Kill a Man.”


A guitar-wielding, soul-bearing spark of a songstress with a soft spot for dance beats, Charlotte describes her music as a product of insomnia, airplanes, and bodies of water, not to mention countless hours of daydreaming to the mesmerizing sounds of Billie Holiday, the Everly Brothers, Jeff Buckley, and Fiona Apple, among others. With a name plucked from a children’s novel, she tends toward whimsy, yet finds herself a woman obsessed—with broken hearts and multiple personalities. If this sounds manic, Charlotte wouldn’t disagree. The result is a small collection of beautiful, slightly crooked songs—the musical equivalent of a bit of sun poking through the clouds.


Track Listing:


1.  How I Could Just Kill A Man

2.  Sweet Valium High

3.  Waves And The Both Of Us

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